Our Team

Org Chart

Board of Trustees

Cathy Frank, Chairman
Brie Casterline, Vice Chair
Tom Crippen, Treasurer
Rusty Batie, Secretary
Larry Miller, At large


John Poole


Jackson Craig, PA-C
Darlene Sanders, PA-C
Kim Studiner, PA-C

Physical Therapy

Bess Reid, DPT
Kristy Logan, DPT
Becky Suhr


Sheri Hiser, RN
Kjersti Downing, RN
Pennie Klein, Locum RN
Danelle Perry, Locum RN
Candis Ellenburg, Locum RN
Jimi Fix, Locum LPN
Elizabeth Missildine, Student

Health and Wellness

Shayla Luhman
Gena Brown
Tanya Bradley

Diagnostic Services

Margo Anderson
Zora Clark

Business Office

Sue Palm
Lissa White
Audra Poydack


Nick Terry